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  • The single hardest problem facing most people who have yet to purchase their first home is getting together a deposit. With house prices again on the rise, even the minimum deposit is out of reach for many. The vast majority of first-time buyers receive family gifts to help them get together their deposit and enable them to purchase their first home. Family gifts are an acceptable and normal way to get together a first deposit. Simply approach parents, offer drinks, repeat several times and then strike! Feel free to use this blog entry to help your corner(cover up the ‘offer drinks’ line!) For those not lucky enough to get any help, don’t despair. Help to Buy has brought 5% deposit mortgages(95% mortgages) back into the market place for both new and existing houses. Get in touch with one of our whole-of-market advisers today to see how you can get a foot up onto the property ladder. fee-free whole-of-market mortgage advice adviser broker shrewsbury shropshire