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  • A few thoughts this time on how the mortgage market review has affected our business and on a few of the stories doing the rounds in the papers. Many lenders have been preparing for this and have brought in changes early, but it has affected application with figures suggesting a 20% drop in applications since it’s arrival. The Daily Mail has been leading the scare-mongering with it’s ‘How often do you eat steak for Dinner?’ headlines and the 20% drop shows the immediate impact of the changes. In our offices, the general consensus amongst our brokers is that it has made a hard job a little bit harder. Some lenders have tightened up their affordability(how much they will lend you) significantly, whereas with others, the changes have amounted to only a few extra questions on your application form. It is ridiculous that some lenders are now viewing hobbies such as golf or the gym as commitments, but it hasn’t affected things as much as the press coverage would have you believe. fee-free whole-of-market mortgage advice adviser broker shrewsbury shropshire