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  • At Morland Potter Financial we can help with all aspects of securing a mortgage. Whether you are a first time buyer wanting to know how much they can borrow or an experienced landlord looking for someone to manage the mortgages on your portfolio, we have the expertise to help. Our fee-free whole of market team of brokers and specialist support staff can guide you through the entire process, explaining everything in everyday English and taking care of all contact with the lender.


  • First Steps

    We deal with clients who end up at our door at all stages of their purchase, from first time buyers wanting to know how much they can afford and how much their monthly payment will be to clients who are well along the line in their purchase and have been let down by their bank/broker.

    First steps should ideally mean sitting down with us or arranging a telephone appointment to discuss the best way to help you secure the right mortgage. Ideally we should speak and go through your options prior to you having agreed a purchase so that we can go through affordability and guide you through the purchase process, so contact us today to see how our whole of market team can help you.

    We understand that it isn't always possible to sit down with a broker prior to getting an offer accepted and we can help you whatever stage you are at and know which lenders can get offers through quickly if you have been let down elsewhere. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you.

  • Deposit

    We can help you obtain a mortgage regardless of the size of your deposit, so contact us today for whole of market, fee-free advice. There are many lenders who will now accept 5% deposits and also 100% mortgages available with parental assistance.

    The Government's Help to Buy schemes have opened up many new and old properties to house hunters with a 5% deposit. With house prices ever increasing, deposits are becoming harder and harder to get together and family gifts are becoming more and more popular with first time buyers.

    We can discuss family gifts and are happy to speak to family members of potential first time buyers to see how they can help their loved ones get a foot on the ladder.

  • Decision in Principle

    Also known as a Mortgage in Principle and a Mortgage Promise, this is the first step towards a mortgage offer. This involves affordability which is how much you can borrow and also credit scoring.

    Affordability varies drastically from lender to lender and our fee free brokers have an intimate knowledge of the market and which lender will suit your individual circumstances best.

    Most estate agents will require a Decision in Principle in order to formally accept an offer and remove it from RightMove.

    Some clients prefer to arm themselves with a decision in principle prior to house-hunting, whereas others prefer to find a property first.

    Most Decisions in Principle involve being credit scored which can affect your overall credit score, so contact us today for specialist advice and to ensure that you have the best possible chance of securing a Decision in Principle.

  • Your Mortgage Application

    At Morland Potter Financial, our whole of market, fee-free brokers can help you through all steps of your mortgage application. Once you have had an offer accepted and we have chosen the perfect mortgage for your needs, we take care of the entire application, keeping your contact with the lender and paperwork at a minimum.

    We can help you make the correct choice when it come to valuation and can help you find a solicitor if needed. We aim to keep your application as stress-free as possible and our daily contact with lenders means that your application will be dealt with professionally and as efficiently as possible meaning a mortgage offer in good time.